It was my first time buying a home and Mike was extremely informative, friendly, always available to answer my questions. Walked me through the process and and was impatient throughout it all. Highly recommend!
Michael was GREAT to work with. It was more like a partnership with a friend. Michael was always available for any questions we had as first time home buyers whether is was early mornings or after work hours. He guided us through the process and educated us every step along the way. Anyone I know that will be purchasing a home, I will introduce them to Michael. He will go above and beyond to make sure his clients are comfortable and have a fully understanding on everything. Thanks to Michael we are now new home owners and have now added a friend to our family.
You aways was there for me to help me.
Jose L
Scott and the Family First team are awesome. Always available to help me and my clients with their mortgage needs. Very professional and accommodating.
Peter M
Michael Pollio is a great and excellent professional.It was a nice experience to have him at our agent.The best of the best.
Marisol T
Michael made the whole easy!! Great person to work with!!
Michael B
Scott helped guide us through our buying experience. He was a pleasure to work with and was there for any questions that we had.
Michael S
Mike was on the ball every step of the way! He keep me as the Realtor in the loop and was ahead of all of us through out the process! He worked hard and always answered my calls and emails! My clients closed and were extremely happy and never once complained about the process! I look forward to working with Mike again and again! :)
Darla Q
Michael is the true definition of professional!! He know the business inside and out! He is ALWAYS there for the client, agent, lawyers, and anyone who’s involved in the transaction. Not only is he a true professional but he is also a great guy that’s looking to do the right thing. I can’t say enough good this about Mr. Pollio. Thank you for your amazing service!!!!
Ramy L
My experience with my loan officer was great he was very good with following up on all steps of the process, was always ready with helpful information and with answering questions, as well as very supportive when I made any requests. I would gladly refer the Lender and my officer to my friends and family.
merna s
Michael was very pleasant and helpful during the process. He was always ready with an answer for my questions.
Merna S
Buying a home as a single woman is hard, and the poor house needed a construction/home loan just to be livable. This just screams, "not a priority client". However, Scott Nelson treated me like a royal. Every question, every phone call, and yes, every panic attack, Scott jumped at the chance to help. He was always available, always kind, and always ready to hunt down an answer if he didn't know it immediately. You will never find better. Scott is the unicorn of the mortgage world!
Brandi B
My first time buying a home, and it was completely stress free with all the help from Scott. Very personable and almost “held my hand” through the long process. Amazing guy!
I was buying a fixer upper diamond in the rough. This house did not scream "important client". However, Scott treated me like absolute royalty. He answered every question, and truly treated me like family. I never expected such amazing service. You want this guy helping you when buying a home!
Very knowledgeable and attentive
Shawn C